What is a Moka Pot & How To Use One To Make Coffee

One of the most enjoyable ways I’ve found to make coffee is to use an old fashioned, stovetop moka pot. They are simple devices that can be cleaned easily, have no moving parts, and they make coffee stringer than just about any other method possible.

A moka pot is a stovetop device that is made from either aluminum or stainless steel. It has three distinct chambers that represent three different steps in making coffee. Some call a moka pot a stovetiop espresso maker because the coffee that comes out is extremely potent much like espresso from a pressurized machine.

Basically you fill the lower chamber with water and place a filter basket on top which is filled to the brim with a medium fine grit coffee grind. Then an upper chamber which serves as a collection cup for the brewed moka coffee is attached to the top.

When the moka pot is placed on a stovetop the water is heated and steam rises through a central funnel extending from the lower chamber through the coffee grind all the way to the collection cup at the top. The steam condenses in the filter basket transforming the water into moka and then it continues to rise being continuously pushed upwards by a steady stream of steam rising from the lower chamber.

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