Common Keurig Problems: How to Fix Them Fast & Easy

Keurig coffee makers are awesome when they work but all to often owners of Keurig machines tend to come across various problems that are fairly common. Fortunately most of the typical problems encountered in Keurig machines are fixable and their repairing them is usually within the scope of the average person.

Of all the problems Keurig owners run into the most common of them all is a Keurig machine that drips slow and only makes a small amount of coffee and the solution to that is almost always the simplest of them all.

The puncture needle that opens up the k-cup for the water to flow through it usually gets partially clogged with old coffee grind from k-cups punctured in the past. This could have been yesterday’s cup of coffee or a buildup of grind that has occurred over a longer period of time.

When the machine is dripping slowly and/or brewing a short cup it’s usually because the needle is partially clogged. The repair is to simply remove the needle and clean it out with a sharp pin or paper clip tip.

There are other problems Keurig owners face a lot and there’s a lot more to be said for a coffee maker that’s brewing slowly to so let’s take a closer look at each of these common problems that arise with Keurig machines after they’ve been used for some time.

Owners of Keurig coffee makers tend to report a number of similar problems and complaints with their machines. The most common issues include:

  • Keurig is Dripping Slowly
  • Keurig is Making Weak Coffee
  • Keurig is Brewing Only A Small Amount
  • Keurig is Not Heating or Brewing
  • Keurig Makes Weird Noises
  • Keurig Wont Stop Pumping Water
  • Keurig Is Clogged
  • Keurig Lights Stay On and/or Flash

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